Hungarian Watch

A Note From Judit Csáki

Dear friends, the Hungarian Government has given free run of the English translation of the media-law accompanied by a so-called “explanation” (“a summary to confute all the misbeliefs”) which is full of lies. It’s said that the president and the members new Media Authority have “neither formal nor informal” connection to the ruling party – while the truth is that the president is an old friend of Mr. Orbán and a Fidesz-marionett, the others were assigned by the Fidesz only. It’s said (in the “explanation”) that “the government does not intend to control the political publicity, nor could he do that even if wanted”. The truth is that this is exactly what they intend to do – otherwise why the whole thing??? Each sentence is a lie – please let everybody know. Their main reason is that “we should see how it works and then discuss” (and many Western journalists believe this), while nobody would say seeing a death-penalty law that “lets wait till the first execution and then discuss”…

Thank you for helping us, Judit Csáki journalist, theatre critic


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