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Hungarian Civil Disobedience in Bloom

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The ignition of a revolution often needs a mere spark to catch fire, and a bold act of civil disobedience has sparked many a revolution. What 27 activists, including former Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, 9 MPs representing the green liberal party, LMP, and the head of the Socialist Party, did today was nothing short of an extremely bold act of civil disobedience.

What did they do?
They formed a human chain (literally, they chained themselves together–brilliant) at the entrance of the Parliament building.

Because they have had enough of Fidesz’s squeeze-hold on Hungary’s democracy; are opposed to new laws passed on taxation, election redistricting, and the country’s relationship to the central bank; and, thank you very much, would not like to be plummeted back to Hungary’s bleak, Communist past.  Consolidation of power leads to bad, bad dictatorships.

And then what happened?
The were promptly arrested.

Where are they now?
All of the MPs are now free, but some of the activists remain in police custody.

By the way, did you know that S&P downgraded Hungary’s debt to “junk” status?
It did.  And these activists are engaging in acts civil disobedience to bring international attention to the deteriorating state of this country once held up as a beacon of democracy and stability.

Did you know that four prominent Hungarian journalists are on a hunger strike against the draconian media law?
They are. They have been on a hunger strike all week.
“Our strike will continue until … the world realizes what is happening in Hungary under the label of ‘press freedom’: employees terrorized, programs manipulated or falsified,” Navarro told AFP. “We are going to stay until things change, even if we risk hospital.” Navarro is the head of a trade union that represents television employees at the state-run television station MTV and the founder of an organization called the Movement for Honest Reporting.”
Read more about it on Spiegel Online.

So, is this the new revolution in Hungary?
Maybe.  We will keep close watch on how the situation unfolds.  In the meantime, we predict more acts of civil disobedience and we hope for more international coverage of these acts.

Dear Fidesz majority, you are not acting in a vacuum.  The world is watching.

Read more on the situation here:
NY Times
BBC News

Chicago Tribune
Washington Post

  1. As #”EA 2140″ ex political prisoner (1962) a victim of past Bolshevik terror and oppression, I laud Mr. Orban moral temerity for finally designated Bolshevism as a criminal organization. I support him strongly and reject his neo-Marxist detractors.
    Please note, the –“Prague Declaration on European Conscience and Communism June 3rd, 2008, Prague, Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic” –earlier stated that the Communist ideology is directly responsible for crimes against humanity. (quote).
    It’s unfortunate that the Judeo-Bolshevik Western leftists again declared war on Hungary.
    They did it in 1919. (Kun) 1948. (Rakosi) 1956. (Kadar) 2012. (Soros and Co.) New Left.

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