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We Don’t Like The Regime…

In Uncategorized on November 13, 2011 at 9:12 pm

This was the motto of the anti-Orban, October 23rd protest organized in Budapest on the 55th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution. According to the Orban government controlled media outlets, “several thousand” people gathered outside to complain.  In reality, according to major international news outlets, more like “tens of thousands” Hungarians took to the streets in protest of Orban’s passing of outrageous laws against freedom of speech, stripping the powers of the Constitutional Court, pushing through a rewritten Constitution, raiding people’s private pension funds, and supporting the appointment of openly racist directors in the country’s most successful theaters (yes, we are referring to the Új Színház debacle).

The deteriorating situation in Hungary has been largely ignored in the international media since the passing of the new Constitution, but this protest broke the dry spell.

Read more via the following links:
The Huffington Post
The Economist


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