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TRAFÓ House of Contemporary Arts in Danger!

In Uncategorized on March 22, 2011 at 10:13 am

All of TRAFÓ’s international partners and Gyuri Szabo’s colleagues across borders and disciplines should be up in arms about this:

(From a Facebook posting earlier this morning…)
“The Hungarian goverment is trying to take away TRAFÓ, the contemporary art house of Budapest, from the founders, the people without whose hard work, dedication and insight, Trafó would have never become what it is now. The goverment asked two artists to take over Trafó and make it their own house. It’s a dirty political game. They are trying to corrupt the contemporary art scene from the inside. Trafó is an internationally acclaimed art house where many international artists perform. We call upon all our international contacts, fellow artists and institutes, to support TRAFÓ. And we hope that the two companies ( Yvette Bozsik and Iván Markó ) that are asked to play along with this dirty political game, are stong and wise enough to say no.”



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