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No Pride in Budapest

In Uncategorized on February 15, 2011 at 9:28 pm

UPDATE: The Pride Parade has been reinstated and will march along its usual route. We still stand by the feather boa comment.  -HW


There will be no gay pride parade in Budapest this June.  The Hungarian police have rescinded the originally granted permission given to parade organizers, the Rainbow Mission Foundation.

The Associated Foreign Press is reporting:

“‘The Budapest police chief has withdrawn the permission that was granted earlier to the organisers of the 2011 gay pride march,’ Sandor Steigler, head of the organising Rainbow Mission Foundation, told AFP.

The organisation was preparing a court appeal, he added.

Last week, the organisers of the march applied for an extension to their usual downtown route, which police had earlier accepted.

The extension would have taken the march in front of parliament, where marchers planned to protest against Hungary’s controversial media law and the upcoming new constitution, both perceived as detrimental to the cause of gay rights, Steigler said.

The Rainbow Mission eventually modified its request so that the march would have stopped short of the square, as proposed by police.

But by Friday, permission for the entire march had been withdrawn, citing a disproportionate disruption to traffic, Steigler said.

‘We suspect that the decision was politically motivated… a lot of things have happened in politics since the last march,’ he commented.”

Yes, we must all be afraid of the gay’s ability to create traffic.  Those damn gays create traffic all over the world with their pride and their parades and their feather boas and sensible shoes.

Orban could use a nice feather boa. It might help his image. Our advice to him is to order the reinstatement of the parade and volunteer to be the Grand Marshall.  And make the boa pink.


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