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Hungarian WATCH’s Exclusive Interview with Fidesz Co-Founder Goes Live Tomorrow

In Uncategorized on February 7, 2011 at 2:07 pm

Part 1 in a 3 part series of interviews with Peter Molnar, Fidesz co-founder and culture and media specialist, will go live tomorrow morning, 8am EST.

Peter Molnar is a senior research fellow at the Center for Media and Communication Studies at the Central European University in Budapest.

He was a leading participant in the transition to democracy at the end of the communist dictatorship. As a member of the Hungarian Parliament (1990-1998) he was a principal drafter of the 1996 Hungarian media law as well as numerous other laws on media and cultural policy. He has been member of the Hungarian Radio-Television Board`s Complaint Commission since 2001, and a legislative advisor since 2002.

Peter has written extensively on access to information, freedom of speech and freedom of the press and has taught courses on these subjects since 1994. He has taught at CEU and at ELTE University in Budapest, as well as at the Graduate School of Journalism of the University of California in Berkeley and the Graduate School of Journalism and Communication of the University of Colorado. He has co-convened and moderated a colloquium on the content and context of “hate speech” at the Cardozo School of Law, and a semester-long workshop on “hate speech” at Columbia Law School. He is co-editor of “Content or Context: Rethinking Regulation and Remedies for ‘Hate Speech'” with Michael Herz, forthcoming by Cambridge University Press in 2011.

Peter was a German Marshall Fellow, twice a Fulbright Fellow, and a Shorenstein Fellow at Harvard University. In 2006, he drafted the Declaration for the Freedom of the Internet that was signed by many media scholars. In 2007, the staged version of his novel, Searchers, won the awards for best alternative and best independent play in Hungary.


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