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Orbán: It is the World vs. Us (and the world is soooo annoying!)

In Uncategorized on February 1, 2011 at 4:36 pm

By taking on the rest of Europe, the Hungarian Prime Minister is appealing to his compatriots’ patriot gene, which protests against foreign powers. But this tactic doesn’t work every time, notes the Hungarian daily Népszabadság.

Viktor Orbán and his government cannot believe the spanking they are receiving from the rest of the world and are taking great offense.  Their response is to deny all accusations, grossly underestimate the extent to which the EU Commission will investigate its new media laws, and retaliate by “striking the Hungarians’ Kuruc chord, which rebels against the capital and western political commentators,” according to Edit Inotai in her excellent article in the Hungarian daily Népszabadság.

Inotai’s fear is that Orbán will turn this controversy into “a domestic political message: by refusing to back down to Europe, he is showing that the entire world is annoying this small country.”

Appealing to “Hungarians’ patriot genes” may rally some national support for him, but it will certainly not make his EU Presidency a productive one.

Viktor Orbán, a Latter Day Kuruc by Edit Inotai in Népszabadság (posted onPressEurop), February 1, 2011


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