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NO ORBÁN DAY! Demonstration for Democracy Planned for TODAY!

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Date:  TODAY, February 1st, 2011

Time: 5-7pm

Location: Fidesz Headquarters, Szentkirályi Street 18, Budapest

Featured Poet: Akos Kertesz (Kossuth Prize)

Featured Speakers: Gaspar Miklos Tamas (philosopher); Laszlo Marton (writer).

Tomorrow, February 1st, a demonstration for democracy is planned at the Fidesz Headquarters in Budapest.  Called “No Orbán Day,” the demonstration will take place on the 66th anniversary of the day that Hungary became a republic form of government instead of a kingdom (the 2nd Hungarian Republic).

The demonstration is being organized by Left-Wing Feminist Network.

Today, the Democrats need to act again, because we again have a politician who is authoritarian, dictatorial, so the 3rd Hungarian Republic is in danger.

We are convinced that the manner of enacting the deeply antidemocratic laws, that have been solely created to make, in all ways, the ruling party’s authority irremovable, is a pusillanimous political attitude of this party. Our duty is to save the idea of the Republic and to openly express our protestation against the democrature.

To learn more about the demonstration, click here.  To see an interactive Google Map to find the exact location, click here.

Please help spread the word.  If you are in Hungary and are able to attend, please do!  THEN, please return back to Hungarian Watch and let us know how it went by posting a comment below!


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