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“Ice-T Gate” in Hungary

In Uncategorized on January 8, 2011 at 4:17 pm

Under the OLD media law, the Hungarian National Media and Infocommunications Authority started investigating Tilos (HUN), a non-profit radio station because it played two songs by rapper Ice-T (Warning and It’s On) without providing any age-limit warning before the song.  This investigation continues under the new media law.

The Authority justified this investigation because of Ice-T’s songs’ “harsh intonation prompting violence could generate a harmful effect on listeners who are under 16 years of age.”  See?  They’re just worried about our children!

Upon hearing that his songs were being censored on Twitter, Ice-T tweeted the following response under his username @FINALLEVEL:

RT @rog_r: @FINALLEVEL Sorry, but you are officially banned > I love it! The world still fears me. hahaha !

Read all about it:  Hungary: Ice-T and the New Hungarian Media Law on Global Voices.

Listen to Ice-T’s censored song, It’s On:

  1. NB: the investigation was started according to the old media law, as stated in the letter of the Authority, it was not the first time the monitoring found something in the program of Tilos. The investigation can continue according to the new law as well tho.

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