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BBC: Hungary’s Media Law Overshadowing EU Presidency

In Uncategorized on January 7, 2011 at 6:18 pm

Once again, the BBC does a great job covering some of the nuances of the political situation in Hungary, this time focusing on the internal conflicts caused by the controversy over the new media law.

Two things are of particular importance:

  1. Details about the controversial policies that Orban’s party’s 2/3rds majority in parliament make possible, and how the media is now too scared to expose these changes.
  2. News that the EU seems to be satisfied by Orban’s openness to change the media law if it finds it to be “contrary to European law,” which Orban “clearly does not believe” will happen.  In short, the EU is more concerned with preserving the prestige of its own institution than advancing and maintaining human rights.

Read the whole article: Hungary: Media Law Row Overshadows EU Presidency.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban trying to diffuse the situation. Good luck. (Or, perhaps, bad luck!)


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